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Seminar Schedule

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    Conference Community Forum

    • Say hello, ask questions, and stay connected with our 'circle' throughout the Conference!

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    Seminar 1 - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Inspiration During COVID and Beyond: OCT 27 11:00AM-12:30 PM PST

  • 4

    CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat: OCT 28 8:00AM-8:30AM PST

    • Session Overview & Prep

    • LIVE SESSION: CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

    • RECORDING: 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

    • Video test

  • 5

    Seminar 2 - Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône: OCT 29 11:00AM-12:30PM PST

    • Seminar Overview & Prep

    • Tech Support

    • Master The World Log-In Page: Kit 203C

    • LIVE SESSION: Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

    • Evaluation Survey

    • OPTIONAL: Post-Seminar Happy Hour

    • Tech Sheets - spoiler alert for wine identities!

    • RECORDING: Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

    • PRESENTATION: Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

  • 6

    CORE | 15 Min Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat: OCT 30 8:00AM-8:15AM PST

    • Session Overview & Prep

    • LIVE SESSION: CORE | 15 Min Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat

    • RECORDING: 15 Min Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat

  • 7

    Seminar 3: Today’s Chile: Right Place, Right Time, Right Wines: OCT 30 11:00AM-12:30PM PST

    • Seminar Overview & Prep

    • Tech Support

    • Master The World Log-In Page: Kits 201C OR 202C

    • LIVE SESSION: Today’s Chile: Right Place, Right Time, Right Wines

    • Evaluation Survey

    • OPTIONAL: Post-Seminar Happy Hour

    • Tech Sheets (Kit 201C) - spoiler alert for wine identities!

    • Tech Sheets (Kit 202C) - spoiler alert for wine identities!

    • RECORDING: Today's Chile: Right Place, Right Time, Right Wines

    • PRESENTATION: Today's Chile: Right Place, Right Time, Right Wines

  • 8

    CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat: NOV 4 8:00AM-8:30AM PST

    • Session Overview & Prep

    • LIVE SESSION: CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

    • RECORDING: 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

  • 9

    Seminar 4: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village: NOV 5 11:00AM-12:30PM PST

    • Seminar Overview & Prep

    • Tech Support

    • Master The World Log-In Page: Kit 204C

    • LIVE SESSION: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

    • Evaluation Survey

    • OPTIONAL: Post-Seminar Happy Hour

    • Tech Sheets - spoiler alert for wine identities!

    • RECORDING: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

    • PRESENTATION: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

  • 10

    CORE | 15 Min (re)Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat: NOV 6 12:00PM-12:15PM PST

    • Session Overview & Prep

    • LIVE SESSION: CORE | 15 Min (re)Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat

    • RECORDING: 15 Min (Re)Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat

  • 11

    Seminar 5: Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?: NOV 10 11:00AM-12:30PM PST

    • Seminar Overview & Prep

    • Tech Support

    • LIVE SESSION: Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?

    • Evaluation Survey

    • OPTIONAL: Post-Seminar Happy Hour

    • Tech Sheet

    • RECORDING: Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?

    • PRESENTATION: Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?

  • 12

    CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat: NOV 11 8:00AM-8:30AM PST

    • Session Overview & Prep

    • LIVE SESSION: CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

    • RECORDING: 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

  • 13

    Seminar 6: Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards: NOV 12 11:00AM-12:30PM PST

    • Seminar Overview & Prep

    • Tech Support

    • Master The World Log-In Page: Kit 205C

    • LIVE SESSION: Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

    • Evaluation Survey

    • OPTIONAL: Post-Seminar Happy Hour

    • Tech Sheets - spoiler alert for wine identities!

    • RECORDING: Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

    • PRESENTATION: Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

  • 14

    CORE | 15 Min (re)Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat: NOV 13 12:00PM-12:15PM PST

    • Session Overview & Prep

    • LIVE SESSION: CORE | 15 Min (re)Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat

    • RECORDING: 15 Min (Re)Wake & Shake Power Flow with Kat

  • 15

    Seminar 7: Andean Adventures: NOV 17 11:00AM-12:30PM PST

    • Seminar Overview & Prep

    • Tech Support

    • Master The World Log-In Page: Kit 207C

    • LIVE SESSION: Andean Adventures

    • Evaluation Survey

    • OPTIONAL: Post-Seminar Happy Hour

    • Tech Sheets - spoiler alert for wine identities!

    • RECORDING: Andean Adventures

    • PRESENTATION: Andean Adventures

  • 16

    CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat: NOV 18 8:00AM-8:30AM PST

    • Session Overview & Prep

    • LIVE SESSION: CORE | 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

    • RECORDING: 30 Min Yoga Flow with Kat

  • 17

    Seminar 8: A is for Alentejo: NOV 19 11:00AM-12:30PM PST

    • Seminar Overview & Prep

    • Tech Support

    • Master The World Log-In Page: Kit 208C

    • LIVE SESSION: A is for Alentejo

    • Evaluation Survey

    • OPTIONAL: Post-Seminar Happy Hour

    • Tech Sheets - spoiler alert for wine identities!

    • RECORDING: A is for Alentejo

    • PRESENTATION: A is for Alentejo


Presenters and Panelists

Master Sommelier & Chief Education Officer, Full Circle Wine Solutions | Master the World

Evan Goldstein

Evan is one of the nation’s most prolific food and wine industry veterans. In 1987, he became the eighth American to pass the Master Sommelier examination. Evan has created wine education and service programs for Seagram Chateau & Estates, Diageo, Allied Domecq and Beam Wine Estates, and is the author of several critically acclaimed books on food, wine and hospitality, including Five Star Service: Your Guide to Hospitality Excellence, Perfect Pairings, Daring Pairings, and Wines of South America: The Essential Guide. He is currently President and Chief Education Officer of Full Circle Wine Solutions and Master the World. Seminar(s): Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône; Today’s Chile: Right Place, Right Time, Right Wines; Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?; Andean Adventures; A is for Alentejo

Co-Founder & CEO, Full Circle Wine Solutions | Master the World

Limeng Stroh

Limeng Stroh heads two wine-education-based companies with business partner Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein: Full Circle Wine Solutions, a top California-based wine and spirits marketing and education firm, and now Master The World™, an innovative wine education platform that equips users with an array of tools to enhance their tasting skills and their wine knowledge. Limeng will be moderating all seminars, expertly directing all Q&A and ensuring we stay on time!

Partner & Principal Critic, WineAlign

Sara d'Amato

Sara is a Toronto-based wine consultant, sommelier and contributor to Vines magazine. She has worked in cellars both in Niagara and in France and formerly as Sommelier of Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. A graduate of the University of Toronto and Niagara College’s winery and viticulture technician program, she was the youngest and only woman to win the grand prize at Canadian Renaissance Wine Tasting Challenge in 2006 as featured in CBC’s Wine Confidential Documentary. Currently, Sara sits on the board of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers. Seminar(s): Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

Founder, The Urban Grape

TJ Douglas

TJ Douglas is the founder of The Urban Grape, a ground-breaking wine store in the South End neighborhood of Boston. The store concept is simple, but revolutionary – Drink Progressively. Their Progressive Shelving system of sorting wine by its body, instead of by varietal or region, brings ease and unexpected surprise to customers, and The Urban Grape has become one of the most successful independently-owned wine stores in the country as a result. TJ and his wife Hadley are the founders of The Urban Grape Wine Studies Award for Students of Color, in partnership with Boston University. He is dedicated to increasing diversity in the wine industry through this program and by serving as a mentor to other people of color in the hospitality industry. Session(s): Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Inspiration During COVID and Beyond

Master Sommelier & Managing Partner, Ungrafted

Rebecca Fineman

Rebecca is a Master Sommelier and is the 25th woman in the USA to attain the coveted title in 2017. In 2012, in a mere 5 months, she went from having no wine certification to being an Advanced Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers. Rebecca studied Music and Anthropology at Pomona College in Clarement, California, and spent a Fulbright year in South Korea. She is currently the Wine Director and Managing Partner at Ungrafted, a restaurant in San Francisco. Previously, she was a Sommelier at Restaurant Gary Danko and Michael Mina, and a wine director at the Michelin-Starred Ame restaurant in the St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco. Seminar(s): Today’s Chile: Right Place, Right Time, Right Wines

Master Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers

Tim Gaiser

Tim is an internationally renowned wine expert and lecturer and was the former Director of Education and Education chair for Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas. Currently, Tim is focused on a long term project involving behavioral and neuro-sciences to teach and improve olfactory and palate memory and synesthesia. He was also the former Director of Education for Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas. Seminar(s): Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

Master Sommelier & Wine Director, Landry's Restaurants

Keith Goldston

Born and raised in Napa Valley, Keith Goldston was one of the world’s youngest Master Sommeliers when he was the proud recipient of the illustrious Krug Cup trophy. His career has spanned more than three decades, including positions with Domaine Chandon, Masa’s, Spago, Picasso, Aureole and Charlie Palmer Steak. Most recently Keith has moved to Houston, Texas and is the corporate Master Sommelier for Landy’s; a restaurant group with over 600 restaurants around the world. He is currently trying to spend as much of billionaire Tilman Fertitta’s (the owner of Landry’s) money as possible in creating one of the top wine programs in the United States; The Cellar at the Post Oak Hotel. With extensive hands-on experience and a natural born talent, it is no wonder Wine Spectator calls Goldston “a wizard at matching food with interesting wines.” Seminar(s): Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

Director of Commercial Export, DIAM Bouchage

Francois Margot

As Diam’s Director of Commercial Export, Margot is a popular presence at wine trade shows known for his expertise and knowledge of technological cork closures for still wine, sparkling wine and spirits. Margot graduated from the ESSEC Business School in Paris and has an Agricultural Engineering degree from Angers in France as well as a winemaking certificate from University of California at Davis. Working with DIAM over the last 18 years, Margot has been deeply involved in the development of DIAM products and international market distribution (Europe, North America and Asia Pacific region). He is now located in San Francisco to better serve the region’s wine industry and strengthen the product education and presence of both Diam and Vivelys companies in the United States. Seminar(s): Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?

Master Sommelier & Wine Director, PRESS Restaurant

Vincent Morrow

A love for wine and hospitality, plus a passion for learning, laid the foundation for Vincent’s considerable career––from vineyards to fine dining. Vincent worked the floor at various iconic restaurants, including The French Laundry, Gary Danko, and Benu. During this time, he became the USA Champion in the TOPSOMM Young Sommelier Competition and the Chaine des Rotisseurs Sommelier Competition, and in 2019 he achieved his Master Sommelier certification. Seminar(s): Today’s Chile: Right Place, Right Time, Right Wines

CEO, Cristie Norman Inc.

Cristie Norman

Cristie Norman is a Wine Educator and Sommelier, certified through the Court of Master Sommeliers and WSET (Level 3). She became a Wine Expert at 21 years old and wants to make wine education affordable, accessible and fun for everyone. She is also the President of the United Sommeliers Foundation, providing financial assistance for Wine Professionals in crisis due to circumstances beyond their control. Seminar(s): Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Inspiration During COVID and Beyond

GM & Wine Director, High Street Wine Co.

Scott Ota

Scott Ota has been in ‘the business’ since 2005, moving from back wait/busser to general manager and beverage director. His accolades include wins at Somms Under Fire, TexSom, an Advanced Sommelier Rudd Scholar, named one of Wine & Spirits Magazine’s ‘Best New Sommeliers 2014’ and one of Food & Wine Magazine’s ‘Tastemakers to Revolutionize the Business 2018.’ He is the General Manager, Beverage Director and part owner at High Street Wine Co in San Antonio, TX. Personal mantra: be humble, be hospitable, drink well and have fun! Session(s): Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Inspiration During COVID and Beyond

Master Sommelier, Owner, & Host, Terra & Vine / Check, Please!

Alpana Singh

As the daughter of Fijian-Indian immigrants, Alpana Singh beat the odds and achieved her goal of becoming a Master Sommelier at the age of 26, the youngest woman and the only South Asian in the world ever to do so. This distinguished accomplishment, along with her effervescence, experience and energy, was magnetic, and it wasn’t long before Alpana found herself in the local spotlight. For ten seasons, she served as the host of the Emmy Award-winning restaurant review television show, Check, Please!, on Chicago’s PBS station, and returned in 2018 after a five-year absence. In December 2012, Alpana opened The Boarding House, a wine-driven concept in the River North neighborhood. In February of 2015, Alpana opened her second restaurant, Seven Lions, on Chicago’s iconic Michigan Avenue. In 2016, Alpana announced her third restaurant venture, Terra & Vine, in Evanston, Illinois.

Master Sommelier & Partner, WineAlign

John Szabo

Master Sommelier John Szabo was the first Canadian to add the “MS” after his name in 2004. He’s seen the hospitality business from all sides including cooking and washing dishes, serving and sommellerie, importing, teaching, writing, and speaking, consulting and judging internationally. He was listed as “Canada’s best-known sommelier” in Meininger’s Wine Business International. Today, John continues to teach and consult, but his day job is as partner and principal critic for WineAlign.com, Canada’s largest wine publication. He is the author of Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies, Sommelier Management, and Volcanic Wines, Salt, Grit and Power. Seminar(s): Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

Author and Senior Correspondent, Descorchados | Wine & Spirits Magazine

Patricio Tapia

Patricio Tapia graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Chile in Santiago, before attending Bourdeaux University in France, where he studied for a diploma in wine tasting and winemaking. Currently, he is Wine & Spirits’ critic for the Wines of Argentina, Chile and Spain and the writer in charge of Argentina wines for Decanter magazine. He has authored several books, including his anual Descorchados in Argentine, Chilean and Uruguayan wine guide, published in both Spanish and English. Seminar(s): Andean Adventures

Founder, CORE Body | Mind

Kat Thomas

In response to the changing world around her, Kat created CORE Body | Mind, LLC, a consulting platform and support network that guides through physical and motivational trainings. It is her way to give back to the hospitality industry with health in motion and passion as her guide. As a certified personal trainer, yoga guide, and cancer exercise specialist, Kat is making the effort to find, and share, the balance of hospitality and life with her peers and community while she experiences what challenges and inspires along the way. She is an Advanced Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and is currently preparing for the Master Sommelier Exam in 2021. Session(s): CORE| 30-Min Yoga Flow and (re)Wake & Shake Power Flow

Master Sommelier, Plum Market

Madeline Triffon

Madeline was the first American woman – and only the second worldwide – to pass the M.S. exam. In 30 years of directing wine programs and events in the Metro Detroit area, she has mentored dozens of service professionals. With numerous industry awards to her name, she is currently the in-house Master Sommelier for Plum Market and a Chairman Emeritus of the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas. Seminar(s): Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

Master Sommelier & Partner, WineRing

Laura Williamson

Laura Williamson is one of 33 female Master Sommeliers’ in the world. Originally born in a dry county in Arkansas, she passed the MS exam, noted by Forbes Magazine as “the world’s toughest wine exam,” after barely a dozen women in the world had done so. She has directed Italian and German wine imports across the US and worked as Beverage Director for a Michelin Three-Star, New York Times Four-Star restaurant and an exclusive hotel in NYC. Currently, she advises, speaks, consults and teaches wine lovers to expand their joy and become their best personal guide through exploring exotic grapes from remote zones to unlock their palate and embrace personal preference. Laura has shared her esteemed expertise through features on CBS, FOX, NBC, Forbes Magazine and Wine Spectator. Seminar(s): A is for Alentejo

US Executive Director, Wines of Chile

Julio Alonso

Julio Alonso is the Executive Director for Wines of Chile USA. This Santiago native started out as a lawyer, working five years in private practice, before serving in the Chilean Ministry of Economy. Alonso comes to the U.S. following a successful tenure in China as Wines of Chile’s Executive Director Asia. During his time in Asia, China surpassed the U.S. as Chile’s biggest export market with Japan ranking third (neck to neck with the UK and Brazil). Alonso also earned his Global Masters in Business Administration (GEMBA) in 2018 from CEIBS during this time. The experience working that large, challenging and competitive market will be invaluable in increasing sales in the US. Currently Chile is the seventh largest source of U.S. wine imports.

Marketing Director, Wines of Alentejo

Tiago Caravana

A PhD in agronomy, professional-quality photographer and speaker of four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese), Tiago Caravana is the versatile and accomplished U.S. Director and spokesperson for Portugal's Comissão Vitivinícola Regional Alentejana (CVRA), aka Wines of Alentejo. Caravana is singularly well-versed in the intricacies of each of Portugal’s wine regions, as from 2006 through 2009, he served as Secretary General of ANDOVI (Assoc. Nacional das Denominações de Origem Vitivinícolas), the umbrella organization for all Portuguese wine regions. With Wines of Alentejo, Caravana brings with him a portfolio of 250 producers (not all exporting to the U.S.), farming 56,810 acres. When not promoting Alentejo and its wonderful wines, Tiago can be found photographing wildlife, at the gym, playing water polo, or mountain biking. He also enjoys taking long walks with his wife, tween daughter and “dog-ter.”

Export Marketing Manager, Inter Rhône

Sabine Delbare

A native of the Rhône Valley, Sabine first travelled around the world and lived in Scotland, Australia and Madagascar where she worked in Branding & Design agencies before coming back to Avignon in 2014. She has since been in charge of promoting all the Rhône Valley Wines AOCS and specially the Côtes du Rhône in the USA and Canada.

Our Sponsors

Special thanks to our 2020 sponsors for the willingness and flexibility in getting this online conference launched. Thank you for taking a leap of faith and making the Sixth Full Circle Beverage Conference a reality!

Winemakers & Winery Representatives

Director of Winemaking, Herdade do Esporão

Sandra Alves

As Director of Winemaking at Herdade do Esporão, Sandra Alves holds one of the most visible and demanding winemaking jobs in Portugal. The former second-in-command at this prestigious, internationally renowned estate in Portugal’s Alentejo region was appointed to the lead role in February 2020. Alves’ job description includes production of an eclectic mix of 30 different wines from fruit grown on 1,236 acres of vineyards. Sandra joined the Esporão family in 2001. For several years she was responsible for the production of white wines at Herdade do Esporão, extending her responsibility to red wines in 2016. During that time, Alves worked alongside her mentor, then-Chief Winemaker David Baverstock, from whom she learned valuable lessons ranging from the complexities of blending to the role of leadership: Work as a team, trust your team, and give them room to experiment. Seminar: A is for Alentejo

Winemaker, Domaine Piaugier

Maude Autran

Wine has flowed through Maude Autran’s family veins for four generations. So, it was natural for her to pursue the wine world, and find her passion. After completing a master's degree in International Trade in Paris, she continued a year of specialization in Dijon in viticulture and winemaking. As a new graduate, she worked for the Lanson Group in Champagne for 3.5 years, which included 18 months in New York as Export Manager and Brand Ambassador for the Besserat de Bellefon brand. In September 2020, at 27 years old, she decided to come home to France and work with her father to vinify the 2020 vintage of the PIAUGIER estate. Seminar: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

Winemaker Director, Viña Morandé

Ricardo Baettig

After graduating with honors from the Universidad de Chile in 1996 with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, Baettig spent several years as Winemaker at Viña Errázuriz of Chile where he began working with reserve and premium wines. As part of the joint venture between Errazuriz and Robert Mondavi, Baettig was able to spend harvest seasons in Napa Valley and through various harvests in Chile, worked across several of the Errazuriz/Mondavi brands including the high-end Seña, Don Maximiano, and Viñedos Chadwick which he lead as Head Winemaker until 2001. It was also through the Errázuriz/Mondavi venture that Baettig went to Italy for the first time in 2000 to work a harvest with another Robert Mondavi joint-venture Marchesi de Frescobaldi in Tuscany. Ricardo was drawn to Italy and returned for another three years during which he completed a post-graduate degree in 2003 in Viticulture & Enology at the Universitá di Torino in Piedmont and worked as a consultant winemaker. Ricardo split his time between Chile and Italy until 2010, when he became Chief Winemaker at Viña Morandè in order to continue creating outstanding wines, improving quality and developing new and exciting blends. Ricardo is focused right now on establishing a consistent portfolio of Morandè Gran Reserva wines, based in traditional winemaking and aged in big oak vats called foudres. He is also developing the Morandé Adventure range with new Mediterranean varieties like Grenache, Marsanne and Roussanne, and other varieties such as Cinsault from Itata Valley and old Pais from Maule. Seminar: Andean Adventures

Winemaker, Via Wines

Pablo Barros

A Chilean winemaker born in San Fernando in the Colchagua Valley, Pablo Barros has a degree in agronomy from Universidad Católica de Chile and has worked at wineries in France and Spain. Additionally, he has participated in technical tours of winemaking regions in the USA (California and Oregon), France (the Languedoc, Loire Valley and Burgundy), Spain (Somontano, Aragon and Rioja) and Argentina (Mendoza). Pablo believes that being a winemaker involves passion, history, art and commitment and is an ongoing learning experience. His philosophy is to focus on well-made wines that create memorable experiences. He spent the last five years at Apaltagua, where he oversaw the launch of wines that stood out as different to those from other wineries because they brought together Chile’s modern winemaking style with old traditions. Seminar: Andean Adventures

Manager & Winemaker, Domaine de Chavalier

Olivier Bernard

Since 1983, Olivier Bernard has been manager of Domaine de Chevalier, Grand Cru Classé de Graves, where he gradually increased the size of the property to 65 ha, replanted a large part of the vineyard and built new cellars (1984, 1991 and 2012). In 1993, Domaine de la Solitude, owned by the religious community of the Holy Family, was taken over. Its vineyard increased to 35 hectares under the same appellation, Pessac Léognan, where one of the best wines of the appellation is made. In 2006, Olivier participated alongside the Peugeot family in the acquisition of Château Guiraud, 1er Grand Cru Classé de Sauternes in 1855, 110 ha of vines. In 2009, Château Lespault-Martillac was added, a very old vineyard of 9 ha, one of the highlights of the Pessac Léognan appellation. Between 2011 and 2017, 65 ha in the Sauternes appellation were purchased dedicated to the production of Clos des Lunes, which produces three great dry white wines: Clos des Lunes – Lune d’Or, Clos des Lunes – Lune d’Argent and Clos des Lunes - Lune Blanche. In 2015, he signed the lease for Château Suau, 2ème Cru Classé 1855 de Sauternes, which is currently enjoying its renaissance. In 2020, the city of Gradignan entrusted him with the operation of the municipal vineyard, Château Poumey, 10 hectares in Pessac-Léognan. As a result, a total of 200 hectares vinified in 2020. Seminar: Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?

Ambassador, Maison Brotte

Thibault Brotte

As one of the 5th and the newest generation of the Brotte family, Thibault Brotte has a passion for wine and its promotion among professionals and consumers. He has been working at Brotte winery for 10 years. He participates in the blending and wine tastings across the process of winemaking aimed at creating wines that have finesse and freshness. New processes and wines are in the winery’s innovation program (amphoras, a wine for the new generation…). With his father, Laurent Brotte, currently owner and CEO, they made the decision to purchase more vineyards in the attractive appellations of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Cairanne. Seminar: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

Winemaker, Château Pesquié

Frédéric Chaudière

Fred Chaudière is a third generation winemaker at Château Pesquié. He and his brother Alex took over the family estate 17 years ago. Fred has recently been elected President of the Ventoux AOC (July 2020). Born and raised on the family vineyards in the Ventoux, Fred left to study in Paris when he was 16 years old. After completing a degree in Philosophy, a Masters in History (La Sorbonne) and a Masters at Sciences Po Paris, he decided to join Château Pesquié when he was only 23 years of age. Shortly after Fred's arrival, his brother Alex joined and they quickly began the organic conversion of the estate (100 ha, about 245 acres). Since 2015, the brothers have started moving towards biodynamic practices. They have also developed the international distribution of Château Pesquié, now sold in over 40 countries. Sharing with the world the incredible terroir of the Ventoux and showcasing its freshness, balance and complexity, have been at the very heart of their passion over the last two decades. Seminar: Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

Winemaker, Château de Montfaucon

Rodolphe de Pins

Rodolphe graduated from an Agricultural Engineer School in France in 1990 and then from a Master at UC Davis. He worked in the vineyards and in the wineries of numerous famous estates in Châteauneuf du Pape, Gigondas, and in the Barossa Valley. In 1994, he returned home and took over the family estate Château de Montfaucon. In 1995, he launched the renovation and the construction of a winery at the domaine and has been developing his wine production since then. Throughout his experience in winemaking and viticulture, he has oriented his work to discover and understand better the potential of the amazing collection of grapes varieties (over 20) in the Southern Rhône Valley. His quest is to make singular wines with complexity and balance. Seminar: Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

Owner & Winemaker, Domaine du Pégau and Château Pégau

Laurence Féraud

The Féraud family has been growing vines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape for generations, with titles to their earliest vineyards dating back to 1733. However, it was Laurence Féraud and her father Paul who founded their independent family estate, the iconic Domaine du Pegau, in 1987, naming the estate after the terracotta jugs used in the Pope’s summer residence that gave the village its name. In the years that followed, Laurence gradually took on more responsibility, growing the estate into one of the top domaines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Ever restless, tireless and ambitious, she has converted her white Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyards to biodynamic agriculture, and in 2012 tripled the family’s holdings with the purchase of a 41 acre estate in Sorgues (Côtes du Rhone Villages) that was renamed “Chateau Pegau.” She also manages a successful line of négociant wines under the Sélection Laurence Féraud label. Seminar: Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

Winemaker, CARMIM

Tiago Garcia

Tiago Miguel Cuco Garcia, born in Vila Viçosa, Alentejo, earned his degree in Oenology from the University of Trás os Montes and Alto Douro, and two Post-Graduate degrees, one in Oenology from the University of Évora, and one in Wine Business from the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, as well as qualification in WSET Level 2. Professionally, Tiago started as a junior winemaker at the Sociedade Agrícola Quinta do Carmo in Estremoz, for one year, and in 2002 assumed the oenology and production direction of Serrano Mira SA, Herdade das Servas, in Estremoz until June 2017. Since July 2017 he has been Winemaker at CARMIM, Reguengos de Monsaraz. Seminar: A is for Alentejo

Winemaker, Domaine Gassier

Michel Gassier

Michel Gassier grew up in the south of France on the family vineyards. After receiving his degree in agricultural engineering, Michel left for Washington, DC where he served as the French Embassy’s Wine Attaché. Enamored by his U.S. experience, he then decided to work for a small New York wine importer, and then later for the Bordeaux négociant CVBG Dourthe Kressmann and its owner at the time, Sara Lee. In America, he met passionate winemakers from all over the world and discovered their incredible wines. Little by little, the idea that he could make wines with a sense of place became tangible. He returned to France in 1993 to join Château de Nages, the family farm. Since taking over, Michel has passionately transformed the family vineyards from a little-known vintner into a premium organic Rhône Valley estate. Convinced by the exceptionality of their appellation, Michel and his wife Tina have acquired additional parcels selected for their exceptional terroir. Privileging vineyards that hold an expression of freshness, farming them organically and with a minimalist approach in the winery, Michel creates wines that are an intimate, original expression of their soils and varietals. Bottled under the name Domaine Gassier, these vineyards produce wines of balance, freshness and minerality. Seminar: Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

Resident Oenologist, Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

Nuno Gonzalez

Voted Upcoming Oenologist in 2017 by Revista de Vinhos, he is the man behind the wines created at Malhadinha Nova. His job is to blend indigenous and imported grape varieties together since 2012. With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra and a European master’s in viticulture and oenology, he has travelled in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the Tuscany region of Italy. He returned to Portugal via Niepoort, Cortes de Cima and José Maria da Fonseca before joining Malhadinha Nova. Seminar: A is for Alentejo

GM and Winemaker, Château la Nerthe

Rémi Jean

Born in 1980, Rémi Jean grew up in a family of farmers in Provence. He received his degree in winemaking and agricultural engineering at the University of Montpellier. Rémi began his career in the wine cellars of Languedoc, after which he moved to Cairanne to work as winemaker alongside the head winemaker. From 2004 to 2007, he was cellar master and winemaker for Maison Louis Jadot in Beaujolais under the helm of Jacques Lardiere. Rémi’s experience at Maison Louis Jadot paved the way towards his subsequent reputation as a dedicated wine consultant for the Beaujolais region, and his knowledge and interest for this area’s terroir developed and grew. While working with many small family estates, he became a trusted consultant for Vins Richard, who hired him full-time in 2014 as vineyard manager for the properties of Château de Corcelles and Château des Tours in Brouilly. After five years, Rémi was announced as the General Manager of the Southern Rhône properties, including the iconic Château la Nerthe, Domaine de la Renjarde & Prieuré de Montézargues, bringing Rémi back to his own and dearest terroir of origin. Seminar: Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

Winemaker - Ultra Premium Range, Santa Rita

Sebastián Labbé

Sebastián was born in Chile. Since his youth, he has been in love with oenology and sports, mainly surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding and cycling. His great desire to explore the world led him to live in New Zealand, where he studied Viticulture and Enology at Lincoln University. After graduation he worked as an assistant winemaker at Tyrrell’s Wines in Australia and at Margrain Vineyard, a boutique winery in Martinborough, New Zealand, focused on the production of white wines and Pinot Noir. Sebastián joined Viña Carmen in 2005 as Chief Winemaker, where he continued to perfect the company’s Premium wines, focused on producing wines with their own identity and capturing the essence of their terroir. In early 2017, Sebastián took on a new role, Winemaker for the Ultra-Premium Segment of Viña Santa Rita, where he has done an outstanding job with different lines of wine, in charge of Medalla Real, Floresta, Triple C, Pewën de Apalta and Santa Rita’s icon wine, Casa Real Reserva Especial. At the end of 2019, Sebastián was recognized as “Revelation Winemaker of the Year” by Descorchados 2020 wine guide. Seminar: Andean Adventures

Winemaker, Paulo Laureano Vinus

Paulo Laureano

Paulo Laureano is one of the most respected Portuguese winemakers and a reference for wines in the Alentejo. Agronomist, winemaker trained between Portugal, Australia and Spain, after teaching at the University of Évora for 10 years, he decided to dedicate himself, exclusively, to what has moved him since 1993: designing wines. Especially in the company he created with his family in 1999 and which has become increasingly important in his life. Paulo Laureano defines himself as a minimalist winemaker, for whom designing wines is a passion, unveiling their aromas and flavors, evaluating and optimizing the reasons for their identity and personality, promoting them as true sources of pleasure. His exclusive bet on Portuguese grape varieties reflects his way of being, seeing wine as a factor of culture and civilization. Seminar: A is for Alentejo

Co-Owner & Winemaker, The Eyrie Vineyards

Jason Lett

In January of 1965, Eyrie founder David Lett arrived in Oregon with 3,000 grapevine cuttings and a theory. He was the first to introduce Pinot Noir to the Willamette Valley, believing it had the right combination of climate and soil to produce wines unmatched outside of Burgundy. From 1970 through 35 vintages, David’s wines gained a peerless reputation for subtlety and ageworthiness. Jason Lett took over from his famous father to become Eyrie’s proprietor, winemaker, and vineyard manager 16 vintages ago. He has since gained the moniker “the Dylan of Oregon” from the Wine Advocate, continuing to elevate winemaking and vineyard practices at Eyrie, while introducing new varieties to the Willamette Valley such as Trousseau. Under Jason, Eyrie’s production level has remained the same as in his father’s day. But today’s releases are more diverse than in the past, with 21 different bottlings. Eyrie also annually releases a handful of cellar-certified library wines directly from its deep collection. Seminar: Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?

Winemaker & Owner, Altocedro

Karim Mussi

Altocedro was founded in 1999 by visionary Karim Mussi. A third generation Lebanese immigrant, Karim and his family pioneered La Consulta, Uco Valley as a special place to make “born and raised” wines. Twenty years later, in 2019, Karim's crazy idea became conventional wisdom when La Consulta was classified as one of Argentina's few Geographic Indication (GI) Appellations. Altocedro is synonymous with outstanding La Consulta wine. Original old vine rootstocks, indigenous yeasts, hundred year-old concrete fermentation tanks, and Karim's minimalist winemaking create true terroir-driven wines. Besides working on his own winery, Karim also advises a number of emerging projects, in some of the best Argentine growing areas. Seminar: Andean Adventures

Head Winemaker, Cellier des Dauphins

Laurent Pare

Laurent graduated as an Oenologist at the University of Toulouse. He then took off and made wine all over the world: New Zealand (Marlborough), Australia (Clare Valley), Argentina (Mendoza, Uco Valley), USA (California), Canada (Ontario Peninsula, Quebec). Laurent has been the Head Winemaker for Cellier des Dauphins for 3 years, he is in charge of a team of 16 persons in 11 facilities producing 40 million bottles a year. Seminar: Explore the Nuances of Côtes du Rhône

Head Winemaker & General Manager, Herdade do Rocim

Pedro Ribeiro

Pedro Ribeiro, Rocim's Head Winemaker and General Manager, studied Enology at the UTAD (Douro Valley University), and worked with the "Tintara Winery - Hardy's Wine Company" in Australia. He has also worked on such projects as "Herdade dos Grous" - Alentejo and "Quinta do Valbom" - Douro since their foundation. Pedro is also a consultant for several wine producers in Alentejo and other regions. Since 2010, he has been developing is own personal project BOJADOR. Seminar: A is for Alentejo

Head Winemaker, Domaine Bousquet

Rodrigo Serrano

Rodrigo Serrano races go-karts. This adrenalin-fueled sport requires quick thinking, fast reflexes, a cool head, and attention to the slightest change in course. Domaine Bousquet may not have hired Rodrigo in January 2018 because of his hobby, but the skills that make him a successful racer also make him an excellent winemaker. Today, this young, yet mature and very capable thirty-year-old is the head winemaker at Bousquet, with a team of 14 people reporting to him. He has 670 acres under his care and is responsible for a current production of around 400,000 cases of wine a year. Serrano and owners Anne Bousquet and Labid al Ameri are a tight team. They work together to create the organic fruit, elegant, high-altitude wines Domaine Bousquet is known for. Seminar: Andean Adventures

Managing Director & Co-Owner, Luis Duarte Vinhos

Dora Simões

Born in Porto, Dora is married to the winemaker Luis Duarte and together they have 2 children. Dora graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom. She was Associate Marketing Manager for Central Europe, based in Germany, for Ernest & Júlio Gallo Winery. Later, she returned to Portugal and was Managing Director of ViniPortugal, where she promoted the Wines of Portugal for 6 years. In 2008 became president of Alentejo Region Winegrowing Commission (CVRA), where for 7 years lead the official body that certifies, controls, defends and promotes DOC Alentejo and IG Alentejano. Since end of 2015, Dora is fully dedicated to manage, together with her husband Luis Duarte, their family business and vineyards. Seminar: A is for Alentejo

Winemaker, Domaine Taupenot-Merme

Romain Taupenot

Romain-Taupenot graduated from the Institut Supérieur du Commerce (ISC Paris), with a degree in audit, finance and management control. After holding several senior financial positions in multinational groups in France and abroad for the next 10 years, he returned to Domaine Taupenot-Merme in 1998 at the request of his father, undertaking studies in viticulture and oenology alongside working at the winery. One of the first major decisions he made upon his return was to practice organic farming in 2001. This was the same year Romain took over the winemaking responsibilities at the domaine. In 2006, Romain began to expand international sales, as the domaine was sparsely represented abroad. Today, the domaine exports about 90% of its sales, which is a large contrast with what was done in his grandfather’s time. Romain aims to produce very elegant wines that are the purest reflection of their climate and vintage, expressing complex but pure flavors, with very refined tannins, and good concentration without being over extracted. Seminar: Oxygen & Bottle Ageing: OTR vs OIR - What's the Difference?

Director of Public Relations, Maison Gabriel Meffre

Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor has worked in the wine trade for over 35 years. While still in his teens, his father once asked him what subjects peaked his interest most. Anthony replied “wine!” The next thing he knew, he was beginning his training at the prestigious Hôtel de la Poste in Beaune (Burgundy) as assistant sommelier, followed by several years in sales and marketing with the multinational drinks giant Joseph E. Seagram & Sons in New York. Wishing a closer relationship with fine wine, Anthony became Head Wine Steward at the famous “21 Club” in New York City at the age of 23, the youngest sommelier to hold that position in the restaurant’s history, in charge of a team of 5 somms. After more than five years at the 21 Club, Anthony had a strong desire to move back to Europe, where he had spent most of his early years. He moved to Burgundy and spent three years as chief buyer for Burgundy and Côtes du Rhône wines at Europvin’s Beaune offices, before obtaining his “Masters in Wine Business” degree at the prestigious Office International de la Vigne et du Vin (O.I.V.). In 1999, Anthony joined Maison Gabriel Meffre, a leading winery in the production and distribution of fine wines from the Rhône Valley, Provence and Languedoc regions in Southern France. Exports account for approximately 75% of Gabriel Meffre’s total sales (37M Euros in 2018). A shareholder in the company, Anthony is currently Director of Public Relations and travels extensively, mainly to Asia and North America, on promotional tours, training personnel, attending media events and “wine dinners.” Because of his highly developed ‘nose’ and his extensive background in the industry, he is frequently called upon to participate in tasting and blending sessions with the wine makers at Gabriel Meffre. Anthony is currently in Stage 2 of the prestigious Master of Wine Program. Seminar: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

Director of Estates & Vinification, Maison Brotte

Cyril Tisopulot

Cyril Tisopulot's father passed on his passion for wine to his son. Pragmatic, Cyril decided to study wine growing and oenology while working at a Beaujolais estate. With a first class honors graduation, he joined a cooperative to vinify in the Southern Rhône Valley, and followed with a solid winemaking experience in Australia and in the USA. Cyril went back home in 2003 and discovered the wine bottling side in Tavel’s cooperative. The same year, he joined Brotte winery to live his passion: vinification. In 2017, he was appointed Director of Estates and Vinification at Brotte. He also works closely with the team in charge of communication on wines. Seminar: Off-Roading in the Rhône Valley Vineyards

Owner & Winemaker, Clos Bellane

Stéphane Vedeau

Talented winemaker Stephane Vedeau purchased Clos Bellane in 2007 with the dream of making a fresher style of Côtes du Rhône Villages. He struck gold when he came to Valréas and found Clos Bellane sitting high above the village at an altitude of over 400m. Seeing the potential in these steep and high elevation sites, he immediately converted the entire property to organic farming, with Ecocert certification achieved in 2010. With immaculate fruit at his disposal, he knew that a deft touch and minimalist approach was necessary in the cellar. Extraction is kept to an absolute minimum to allow the terroir to express itself fully, only indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation, and aging is done in a combination of tank, concrete, and large older barrels. The result is a lineup of wines with an astounding delicacy, freshness and vibrancy. In a short time, Stephane has vaulted this small domaine to the forefront of cool climate winemaking in the Southern Rhône. Seminar: Côtes du Rhône: It Takes a Village

Winemaker, Familia Zuccardi

Sebastián Zuccardi

Sebastián Zuccardi grew up in a family of strong visionaries and innovative spirits. He studied at the Agricultural School, where he received the title of winemaker and then continued his studies as an agricultural engineer. As third generation of his winemaking family, Sebastián leads a young agricultural and winemaking team, which is premised on making wines with identity through continuous exploration of the different terroirs in the Uco Valley of Mendoza. Under his initiative, since 2008 the winery has developed an area of research and development, dedicated to the study of the terroir and the many variables that affect the production of the wine. The goal is, in the words of Sebastián himself, “not to look for perfect wines, but those that express the place, the region.” Seminar: Andean Adventures